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Welcome to Autographs 4 Every 1

limitededitionAutographs4every1/After Dinner Speakers4u came together as result of collecting Autographs over the years. Sadly in recent years collecting "genuine" signatures/autographs has proved difficult and is not without its problems. Current Sports Stars are to be honest not easy to collect due to the policies of many different Sports and Clubs worldwide. Football here in UK, is increasingly difficult, the likes Man Utd, Chelsea, Liverpool, Arsenal etc, are well aware of Ebay and other sites listing many signed items for sale with a large percentage clearly not "genuine signed" !!! We are lucky now to work direct with many former Sports Personalities and obtain our signatures from events we attend with them, such as Sporting Dinners, Golf Days, Sporting Lunches, Gala Events, etc etc.

Johnno Signing

    We would now like to offer a service whereby we can provide Signed Sports Memorabilia of  fully authentic Signed Photos, shirts, balls, cards, programmes, gloves, tradecards, books etc to you the collector and at affordable prices.

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