Who is Autographs4every1?

Autographs4every1 is a website providing genuine & 100% authentic hand-signed sports memorabilia. Our main Business is we act on behalf & represent many former Sports Personalities through our other website www.afterdinnerspeakers4u.co.uk helping to provide Sports Speakers and Comedians to many events, from week to week and work closely & direct with former Sports Personalities, mainly from Boxing, Cricket, Football and Rugby. As a result of this, we are in a position whereby we arrange and conduct private signings with them. We can offer a pre-ordering system to collectors, sellers and retailers for all our private pre-arranged signings, however this is strictly with prior arrangement which allows & offers them to purchase quantities of signatures at agreed wholesale/discounted prices.

Can I make arrangements to pre-order signatures from your Sports Personalities prior to your signings and possibly attend your Signings/Events?

Whenever we hold a "signing session" with one of our Speakers/Personalities, we normally try to arrange this when we are attending the event, and take the opportunity to undertake a signing session with them. We will then discuss & arrange with the former player, of how many items and what Items we would like signed, and agree terms with them direct. Normal Items such as Photographs, Books, Shirts, Balls are common for us. If you would like to be informed of our forthcoming events and signings, with an opportunity to obtain mini wholesale offers, please get in touch and we would be more than happy to email you further updated details and information. This will enable you to pre-order prior to each individual signing. On occasion, we do have the opportunity at times with "late notice" signings, whereby we have an amendment to the Speakers at our event(s) due to media commitments, illness etc, however most events are booked well in advance, enabling us to prepare fully with arranged signings. We will try our best to give you as much notice as possible to consider any of your personal requirements.If you are a collector/seller or retailer and would like further information on how to join our email list, then please email us. Regrettably, we do not allow other collectors/retailers / dealers to attend our private signings. All private signings are run by ourselves only. This is done for a number of reasons, to ensure privacy for the personalities involved, and enable the signings to be carried out smoothly and efficiently. We have conducted many private signings in recent years, and feel we have built up a very good rapport with both personalities and collectors alike.

What are the prices for your Autographs/Signatures?

All Items are listed with their price accordingly within the website, we try and offer Items at realistic prices, however have to consider any costs we have such as Players fees, frames, photos, shirts, balls, gloves etc. If you have your own Items for us to get signed for you, we will advise you of the costs.

Does Autographs4every1 buy autographs?

No, unfortunately we don't. We simply cannot afford to put our reputation under threat, should we come across Item(s) should we purchase that turns out to be "potentially fake". We know where our own Items have been signed. We hope you understand our policy. Please don't offer to sell us any Items.

Where do you obtain your signatures/autographs and how are your private signings arranged?

We obtain our signatures direct from our Sports Personalities at events held with them all around the country. Our pre-arranged private signings are run in a very professional and courteous manner. Prior to each & every signing, we deal directly with the personalities involved. Our signings are held in a relaxed and comfortable environment, in many cases prior to a Sporting Dinner or Golf Day event, either in a pre-arranged private meeting room, the personality's home or at an agreed discreet venue. We take great care on the way each and every item (cards, books, shirts, photographs etc) is handled, and ensure that each signature is allowed time to dry to minimise any blemishes/smudges etc.

Can I send you my own item(s) to be signed?

Yes, however, any collector/dealer/retailer who wishes to send their own items to be signed may do so, only with prior arrangement. Prior to each signing a deadline for receiving items to be signed will be clearly stated. We hope to be able to offer you ample time to allow you the chance to purchase your photos and/or shirts etc prior to the signing. We also hope to have a selection of photos/shirts and other appropriate Items available for pre-order. All items purchased from After Dinner Speakers4u/Autographs4every1 or sent to be signed will be returned by Special/Recorded Delivery, for which there will be a postal charge, payable by yourselves.

Is there a minimum number of Items/signatures I must order?

No, as a collector you can purchase 1 item, 10 Items or larger quantities of any Items listed within the website. Some Items within the site are single Items, others are available in multiples. Generally, although to make it viable for the players, clearly it helps us if we can make arrangements for them to sign in bulk. Clearly it's better for us all if we can arrange to obtain 200/300-500 signatures in a session. This very much depends on each signing and with the particular Personality in question. Fees are obviously different with all Personalities, some have separate rates for signing balls, shirts, photographs. There will under normal circumstances be a minimum amount of signatures required for most signings, and we will try and offer a range of price structures depending on the quantities and what Items have been ordered. The minimum requirement may vary for each signing, but we do understand that some collectors/retailers do not require large quantities of signed items. However if you have an outlet, whereby you can sell particular Items on a regular basis, we would be more than happy to discuss discounted rates for you on an individual basis. Therefore, we will hopefully be able to offer minimum orders as low as possible.

Are your shirts, original or fake Far East copies?

Our retro shirts are purchased direct through Toffs and/or ScoreDraw, or direct from current Sports Stores, if seeking a modern era shirt, we DO NOT purchase shirts from any other source, rest assured your shirt will be an official Item.

How do you guarantee authenticity?

We offer a lifetime guarantee of authenticity on every item we sell. We are able to guarantee this because every single signature is obtained by ourselves in person, and not obtained through third parties. All of our signatures are obtained through our own organised events & private signings, and photographic proof will be obtained from every signing, where possible, we undertake. Please feel free to view our main Website (www.afterdinnerspeakers4u.co.uk) as we represent many former Sports Stars as after dinner speakers, whereby we have Speakers out at various events (such as Golf Days, Sporting Dinners, Charity Events etc) every week around the country.

Do you obtain photo proof from your signings with your Personalities?

Yes. We endeavour to take as many photos as possible throughout each and every private signing, if necessary, of them signing shirts, balls, gloves, books, photos and other individual Items. We take great care & consideration when taking our photos, all Items being signed by permanent marker pens or biro if requested, and the way in which we place all the items individually in front of the personality, allowing each Item to dry appropriately. We know the importance of the "proof of signing photos", and where multiple Items are being signed, shirts, balls, gloves, cards, programmes etc, will try and obtain images of all the different items being signed.

Do you provide COAs ?

Yes, we issue Certificates of Authenticity (COA). All individual signed Items from us will be dispatched with a full COA. We also issue photo proof with many of our Items, if you are a Dealer/Retailer who orders from us in "bulk", we would be more than happy to provide you with the photographs of the Stars signing the Items where possible. Photo proof is much more valuable than a COA. Although we simply do not have every single Item to be backed up with photographs being signed, hopefully by our vast volume of photos we do have and the content of the website, you can be comfortable knowing you are dealing with a reputable source.

Can I have my Items dedicated please?

We fully understand sometimes, you may wish to have that extra special signed Item, "To Dad, Happy Birthday, Merry Xmas, Best Wishes and to a particular name", as long as we have enough notice and make note of it, this is under normal circumstances, no problem whatsoever, please give us as much notice as possible. Also let us know if there is a specific date of requirement, ie if your relations birthday is next week, that is far more difficult than in a few months time!

Will you authenticate any signatures/autographs from another source?

No, not at all. We have our own views on this matter, and now working very closely and direct with many of the former Sports Stars, who are passing comment to us that they personally feel particularly towards eBay, that there are many Items listed that they have not signed! We feel it inappropriate to pass comment on any signatures or items of memorabilia which do not originate from ourselves. We can only guarantee the authenticity of signatures obtained by us at our events and personal private signing sessions with the personalities. Please respect this.

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